At the touch of a smartphone or tablet screen button, the powerful C SEED Hyde 125 loudspeakers rise out of the ground, providing superior sound to round off perfect days, complement beautiful surroundings and entertain guests at garden parties. With best sound quality, the weatherproof C SEED Hyde 125 loudspeakers are the last word in open-air sound brilliance and sound quality - a system of passive speakers for configurations ranging from 2.0 stereo to 9.1 surround. L-Acoustics passive speaker technology reproduces the entire frequency range with amazing and powerful brilliance. Each speaker projects a 110 degree beam angle, enabling the system to cover even large scale terraces while providing a thoroughly solid, stable sound experience.


The name C SEED Hyde 125 refers to the peak speaker power, expressed in “decibel sound pressure”, the professional audio industry´s internationally accepted measure of sonic performance. Does this sound a bit abstract? Well, 125 decibels translate, for all practical purposes, into “loud enough for anything one will ever want to hear”: As a matter of fact, this is the sound pressure experienced by the audience of an opera house concert. It is therefore a safe assumption that the C SEED Hyde 125 speaker system has sufficient power reserves to entertain even seriously partying capacity crowds by the poolside. On the other hand, it is worth noting that even at very conservative volumes, the sound system is capable of unparalleled sound projection at angles wide enough to cover large terraces and gardens. These are genuine high-end outdoor speakers, built to faithfully reproduce every last nuance of a beautiful violin solo or the rich texture of a great movie soundtrack, even on windy days. For massive performance they are built into one-piece metal casings, precision-machined out of massive blocks of aluminum. This provides the ultimate resonating body which makes the most of every single note, from delicate piano passages to screaming guitar riffs.


The C SEED 125 outdoor loudspeakers are hidden in the underground storage casings waiting for their audio performance and activation by a simple push of a button on the C SEED app. At the touch of a smartphone or tablet screen button, the C SEED 125 wireless loudspeakers rise out of the ground, providing superior sound to round off perfect days, complement beautiful surroundings and entertain guests at garden parties.


Projecting sound is an art in itself, and sounding great in open air environments takes an extra amount of genius. The heart of the C SEED Hyde 125 speaker system was created by masters of outdoor engineering: L-Acoustics was the obvious technology partner of choice when C SEED set out to create the world’s best sounding retractable open air audio speaker system.L-Acoustics earned their global fame by bringing superior sound to fabulous music festivals, opera arenas, Broadway productions and memorable mega outdoor events like Olympic Games opening ceremonies or Superbowl shows.



L-Acoustics introduced the first coaxial loudspeaker enclosure for professional sound reinforcement, bringing studio quality to near-field applications for the first time. Since then, coaxial technology has been implemented in all L-Acoustics point sources and constitutes the heart of the X Serie



All current L-Acoustics outdoor loudspeaker enclosures with low range capacities feature laminar vents which provide high SPL while eliminating turbulence noise.



The point source´s wide, conical directivity pattern imparts excellent spatialization and no minimum listening distance, assuring a flawless listening experience, which gives you the feeling of standing in the middle of a theater, when monitoring sound.


In its over thirty years of sound system research and development, L-Acoustics audio & sound engineers have developed a number of major technologies in Acoustics, Mechanical Engineering, Amplification and Control. These sound innovations contribute to better, more predictable performance, increased flexibility in powerful sound design and faster setup of the outdoor speakers.


retractable passive 2-way coaxial outdoor speaker system
full range from 2.0 stereo to 9.1 surround sound
Speaker type
L’Acoustics coaxial
Axisymmetric maximum
125 dB
Nominal directivity (-6dB)
Usable bandwidth (-10dB)
60Hz - 20kHz
Physical data
H x W x D: 890 x 332 x 332 / 35,03 x 13,07 x 13,07
kg / lbs
150 / 331
Extend/retract drive
remote-controlled electric worm drive
Remote control
C SEED app on smartphone or tablet

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