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The Flamboyant Life

The Flamboyant Life, resonates with the digital revolution’s opulence in modern era. Minimalistic designs with exemplary craftsmanship have been put together for a world class lavish & leisure experience. With fast, reliable & dependable supplies we are the official distributors of our manufacturers, C-seed & Alpha Street marine. We can extend our services to any port in India round the clock, whether it is at berth, anchorage or off-ports limits.
The Highest Level Of Luxury!
We operate in an industry devoted to delivering the highest levels of luxury. We facilitate rare and extraordinary experiences, and we manage a broad portfolio of immensely valuable supplies. To achieve consistent excellence at this echelon takes a special kind of company with exceptional people. Supported by a range of effective IT solutions, our suppliers bring unquestionable trust to the experience of owning, chartering, selling, crewing and building world class experiences.

Official Distributors In India


Design By Porsche Design Studio

Luxurious Technology

This award-winning company was founded in 2009 by Alexander Swatek together with Jakob Odgaard and Jorn Sterup, two former Bang & Olufsen managers. It is headquartered in Vienna, Austria, with a showroom and branch office in Beverly Hills, California.

In 2013, C SEED changed the course of TV history, introducing the company´s first product and redefining “grand entrance” forever: The ground opens. A monumental back column rises up to first-floor height. On its top, an LED screen unfolds to a stunning, five-meter wide, dazzlingly bright display. At long last, lounging in the open air while enjoying the very best high-end sound and vision under the sun or the stars is available at the push of one single button.

Alfastreet Marine
Luxury, Freedom, Cruising Life

Iztok Pockaj, owner architect & boat enthusiast founded this brand ensuring an optimal combination between functionality, timeless design and high usability, all this to create the best experience on any body of water. Alfastreet Marine develops unique technical solutions, to improve the performance, stability, and safety without making compromises. Alfastreet Marine prides itself upon boutique boat production of recognizable design, which is a mixture of traditional and modern elements with perfected innovative and useful solutions. Our wish is that our buyers would be able to enjoy using our boats carefree for a long period of time. Therefore we always listen their wishes and needs and enable them to really get a boat of their dreams! Last but not least, our relationship does not end when the boat is sold, as our technical support is always available to them.
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